Bull Trend Brokerage Ltd. was established in 1997 and is one of the first investment intermediaries licensed in Bulgaria.  Bull trend is a member of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange PLC and Central Depository PLC since 1998 and has the rights to operate as investment intermediary in the EU.

The purpose of the new website is to inform and present opportunities for investments, tariff plans and their rates. The company has a modern and non-typical vision – something that is not common in the sphere. The design of the website is responsive and easy to use with a wide range of mobile devices. It is composed of 5 one-pagers, forming the frames of a carousel.  In addition to that, the loading of the website is accompanied with animation, inspired from graphics, illustrating the stock movement.

Sections “Bulgarian Capital Market”, “World Capital Market” and “Asset Management”  intent to inform and grab the attention of the clients by using interesting effects and special graphic elements. The comments and the analyses of the company are placed in an independent section – “Analyses and comments”.

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