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  • VIVACOM Mobile

    VIVACOM Mobile Еverything, anytime, anywhere!

  • Activia

    Activia’s online program " For our belly with love" is an easy, delicious and fun way to get your 14-day individual program created by four experts advice on healthy eating, interesting fashion accents and active sports training.

  • Ambridge Law website Ambridge Law website design

    Ambridge Law is the connecting link between people who have suffered accidents and their insurance company on the territory of Canada.

  • UBB 2010

    The revamped website offers sections on "Retail Banking", "Business Banking", "E-Banking", "Treasury" and "Investment Banking".

  • Pernod Ricard Bulgaria Pernod Ricard България

    The Mags created the website of the leading alcohol producer and distributor of high quality alcoholic drinks and wines. The website comprises an online catalogue of the 15 key brands in t

  • BACB bank corporate website

    The Mags redesigned the website of one of its long term partners - Bulgarian American Credit Bank.

  • Deroni website Корпоративен сайт на Deroni

    Deroni is a producer of over 500 quality food items that are very familiar to every Bulgarian family and beyond. The brand is also distributed throughout Europe and the USA.

  • online shop

    The Mags upgraded the website of - a popular online shop.

  • Tesy corporate website

    Tesy is a Bulgarian company established in 1990 as a part of Ficosota Holding. The company is among the biggest producers of heating appliencies in Europe and the first producer of gas heaters in Bulgaria.

  • Gradus website Градус

    The Gradus trademark is a symbol of quality and long-term traditions on the market of chicken products.

  • FBC Logos

    The Mags redesigned the website of financial brokers Logos TM. The company which is regulated by Bulgarian National Bank and was founded in 1993, is a long term partner of The Mags.

  • For Our Children Foundation

    "For Our Children Foundation" works in the field of family care for the children at risk. As part of a three-year project, the foundation aims to achieve agreement by all key stakeholders about the shortcomings of the existing child care legislation.